Steps for leaving financial restrictions behind...

Is your 5-year plan to move out of a low-income to the middle-class or higher? While this is not an unreasonable desire the key is to achieve this goal in the most comfortable and efficient way possible. I will be listing some processes for making this a reality as well as explaining what worked best for me.

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The Ten Commandments of True Independence...

The most efficient way to earn the income that you want and to be totally emancipated from poverty is to make your life much more comfortable and relaxed. Stress and frustration will only pull you away from achieving your goals. Here I have listed the "Ten Commandments of True Independence."

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Tips for increasing the cash in your pocket...

Financial restrictions indicate a deficiency in two areas. These are not character flaws but rather these are two things that prevent good people from being able to do what they want in life. The deficiencies are low-income and less than efficient spending - both are easy to overcome.

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