What is a Volunteer Economic Uplifter?

A volunteer economic uplifter is defined as: An individual who feels that God has chosen him for a life of service to others in helping them to achieve the dream of financial stability. The individual is chosen by fate of being given the world at birth and having everything except for his body, mind, and soul taken from him once he receives adulthood. He is guided by the lessons learned through this immense suffering for the purpose of living a life dedicated only to service to others by helping them to improve their financial condition and economic status. The toolbox for this duty includes his experiences, education, as well as his research specifically dedicated to the cause of helping those who deserve a better quality of life.

What is the general purpose of emancipationfrompoverty.com?

The purpose of this site is to explain the financial and vocational struggles of a young man who was born into the top one percent with the destiny of being a "Copper King" (like his great uncle's grandfather, Marcus Daly) who, in the last hour of his loved one's convalescence, had been disinherited and condemned to a life of debt and near poverty. Many years later he became a university graduate, graduate school graduate, and an experienced accountant.

Charles Edward wishes to present his system of success to others who, by no fault of their own, have been placed in similar circumstances and who would like to improve their own financial condition and economic status.

Do you have a physical address?

Not at this time but we intend to obtain one as we start adding useful product offerings.

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