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Charles Edward

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Charles Edward was born on February 14th, 1981 in Rural Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. Born and bred in Las Vegas, he is the grandnephew and was heir apparent of the late Marcus Daly III, grandson and heir of Montana's "Copper King", Marcus Daly. However, Charles Edward had nightmares since early childhood that he would not become a "Copper King" as was the will of his family. A twist of fate and some fancy but unethical legal transactions prevented the intended heirs of the Daly estate from receiving their inheritance. The estate was acquired by an employee of the late Mrs. Daly who suffered from dementia. This tragic event led to Charles Edward's family entering near poverty after his father's bankruptcy, loss of the family home during his college years, and the displacement of his family after his parent's divorce. This very personal family financial tragedy led to his strong interest in, and dedication to, the world of finance and family financial planning.

His career has thus far culminated, in recent years, with a focus on corporate general accounting. Charles Edward has served in a senior staff accountant role at various Fortune 500 companies. His most recent experience is with accounting for a Washington, D. C. area publicly traded REIT.

Charles Edward earned a master's degree in international real estate from the Chapman Graduate School of Business at Florida International University, a master of business administration degree from the College of Business and Economics at Regis University, and a bachelor's degree in accounting from the School of Business at Liberty University. He is at present working on completing a third master's degree in human environmental sciences, consumer science, family financial planning and counseling at the University of Alabama.

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